Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monica Sanz’s Notes: Who is he?

Monica Sanz wrote on her blog to tell us about the recording of the videoclip for "Stupid Groupie"! And with a little surprise ....
I’m gonna confess a secret (that I don’t know if I can):Some time ago, when I thought about recording the “Stupid Groupie” video (something really, really difficult as everything I have in mind), I called this guy for him to take part of it, and he seemed excited about the idea of becoming an actor and wearing a Mohawk! Our schedules made impossible the recording and we had to postpone it but now…we have no Mohawk! I guess now he might get a character at “Die Hard 5” or something with Bruce Willis.
Anyway, I wish him the best and now I’m pretty sure that bald men give good luck.
Do you guys know who this new bald man is? I’ll give you some tracks:
After cutting his hair, he has won every match he has played again (we will see today in Hamburg), and probably if you ask him what is at his head, he would answer (whispering): “Passiooooonnnn”
Get it?

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