Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monica Sanz's notes: Push mentally!

Today Monica wrote in her blog for talk us about Arlena. As we can see in the videos of Monica Sanz in Shoko, her friend, is pregnant and maybe tomorrow will born a new warrior...
I guess the most of you, guys, know my coaching and friend Arlena. She’s always near to me every night at the concerts, so probably you knew she is pregnant (if not, yes, we used her belly for an effect while the “Born this way” performance for the gay party, but it was not fake at all).   The fact is that after more than nine months waiting…the moment has arrived (unbelievable, it's been so long to me, day after day) ! She is pregnant for the last 41 weeks, and I bet she will give birth tomorrow (although Arle doesn’t help pushing, and nobody believes the baby will be born tomorrow apart of me).
I was the only one who guessed the baby was a girl (yeah! A warrior is coming!) and if I win the bet, I will be officially her nanny!   Well, I will take care of Kyra anyways, but I hate losing a bet!   This is Kyra and I this morning while I was singing, but who knows how will be the picture tomorrow...?
Crossed fingers!!!

Source: Monica Sanz's Notes

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