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Paytem Jane Histéricas Grabaciones (English)

Enjoy the complete publication, Histéricas Grabaciones.

Why Paytem Jane?

My name is Paytom, but Paytem means ‘warrior’, as my fans. The other was a model and I don’t need her anymore because I’ve fully accepted myself. Jane is something very special who always dreamt of having an album and been an artist, many years ago, somebody that has taken care of me and showed me lots of things. Now she will have her name on a cover.

The album has been announced since late 2008. What has been the reasons of the delay?

It hasn’t really been like that. I wasn’t ever able to give a date. Nowadays, I don’t know when will it be released. It’s always production problems that, even been something not related to me, they just affect me directly. It’s very hard to find somebody as brave as I am to get involved in such a project like this one and negotiations are tiring. It’s just that. I thought by this time I’d had my album, but I’ve had a good time. In fact, right now I think it’s been possitive to me because I’ve learned a lot and I know myself a lot much better and know best what I want to do and how. I want to release an album that I really love, because I don’t know if I will have the chance to release a second one, and I want it to be per-fect. I’ve written a lot, even for other artists, and now I feel much more ready.  It’s like I’ve found myself in the mess I was in. Now I’m happy it wasn’t easy because I forget the bad thigs, and maybe I was needing to suffer a little bit to do it better.

Paytem’s projection is clearly international. What do you expect about the album? What’s the deal with it?

I want a tweet of one persona who says that after listening to my album feels stronger os happier. If I get to release an album is because everythins is possible in life, so my deal is that my fans notice everyting is really possible, because they’re superstars. They can be verything they want.

When I was younger, I used to feel sand thinking I would never had a chance. I got obssesed searching for a person who could believe in me and didn’t notice I was really searching myself. I want my fans to find that person easily and if they don’t find it inside of them, my album gives them strength and remember I do believe in them.

What is the difference between Paytem Jane and the rest of the solo artists in national and international industry?

I think I’m doing what I realy want, but what really makes the difference is my team and my fans, who are an extension of myself.
I think the normal is the project to be focused in the artist, but mine involves a lot more people, and that makes what I do much more complete. What makes me feel different is that I’m so lucky because I can direct my own project with people that works for love and they trust me! I love doing everything: write, choose the arrangementes with my team, write de lyrics, rehearsals, plan de choreography, design the images, the covers, write the scripts for the videos, choose the clothes, the team… I need everything to be in my hand. I’m unstandable

Why Paytem Jane is going to convince the audience?

Because I’m convinced of what I’m doing and the love I have doing it. I’ll do my best, at least ;) Anyway, I don’t want to convince, I’ll be very happy just by entertaining people and doind’ what I love the most.

Once the album is out. Will you tour? What cities?

I would love to have my own tour but it’s complicated and as I don’t know what will hapen I can only say I wanna sing anywhere they let me!

How can you combine modeling and singing? If you had to choose, which one would it be?

I’m a singer in first term, to me music is always first. There are many singers that combine albums, even tours with modelling campaigns. I think it was easier when I studied. I love pictures, to me those are relax days.

What was your best moment/memory in music?

When somebody says they love your music, or even has make them cry or feel in an intense and deep way, you forget how hard it is releasing it. I think it’s amazing, no matter how many things happen in life.

It’s hard writting and composing if you think somebody will know everything about you after and then feeling they love you exactly the way you are it’s the best feeling in the world. To me is frustrating not been able to do things faster and I sometimes suffer from anxiety crisis because I want to do more and more without the long wait but then, the fan’s happiness makes everything worthy and I forget all the bad. I only think: ‘Yeeeeeeeesssss!’

Digital world will end with the musical world the way we know it today?

It will, but everything has good things. We have to addapt and being open-minded to what comes, but the roots will not change. For example, the music has to still be created where it was in 60′s, 70′s, 80′s… When nobody imagined industry would be the way it is today. I was born in 85, and the reason to do what I do is the same as it was before. No matter how everything changes, even when you’re offered to do things faster, I cannot forget what I felt and the reasons why I was always teasing.

What’s musicians future?

Play, write, interpretate. It’s always music, anyway. No matter crisis, sellings, media… At the end of the day you just want to make music, and it’s great, because nobody forbids it. It has always been very talented musicians that went through really taugh moments and just kept on living because and for music. We all want a place in the business, but I always say ‘What’s the worse that can
happen? Playing in the subway? So I will’. In fact, I would love to do it. I used to stop to listen to some Jamaican guys that played on my way to the College. There’s always people in every business that go trough hard moments and we all know how industry is, actually. If the reason to be in music industry is not music, it’s better being everywhere else.

Do you think people that buy less music, go to more live concerts? Is there a new golden age for live shows?

I would love it, but I think people has always been going to live concerts. I think crisis affects in every way. It’s not that easy filling places. Even artists with amazing productions and so much money can’t. I think everythig’s harder.

What would you set apart in national and international?

The business is harder than ever, but it’s more accessible too, so you never know when things can go well. There are many more chances and less filters. It depends more on the artists and there’s a lot more people wanting it. Even the audience has more opinion right now, but it’s necessary opening more the ones upside. Now it’s easier dreaming of getting far because there are more mirrors in people that has done it with lots of effort and work.

What do you think of #15-M, the #spanish-revolution?

I agree with every movement that alows people express themselves when they want, freely,
without violence, of course, just respect. Now I’m looking forward for the #spanish-evolution.

Could you tell us…

…a book?: My mum always gives me realy good books. The last one was ‘Garden of Lies’ (2002)
from Eileen Goudge.
…a movie? When it’s been a long time without seeing a film I always say Pretty Woman (1990),
because I never get bored of it.
…a song?: Now I’m really keen on Colorfull (2001) from The Verve Pipe, from Rockstar OST.
…an album?: I loved Lenny Karvitz’s last live show with Black and White America (2011)
…a group or singer?: Everybody wants me to say Michael Jackson but, as I am so bored, I should recognize I love Michael Matiijevic’s voice.

Thank you so much Paytem Jane.

Source: Paytem Jane Official FanClub

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