Saturday, December 24, 2011

Management and Paytem Jane Christmas Message

The management of Paytem Jane send a Christmas message for all the warriors!

“We wish you enjoy this special and magical night with all the people you love. Thanks for being with us this year in some way and we hope we can shared more moment with you all in 2012. With our best wishes and all our love, Paytem Jane and all the staff, we wish you a merry christmas!”

And someone else wanted to leave us a message. Do you know who is?

"I wish you’re gonna spend tonight with everyone you love. I just want you to know guys, I’m gonna need tonight having you all on my mind (easy, I do it every single day), for sharing my Christmas with all the people I love the most!

I hate I have not a bigger house for making a greater party with all the army, because you are so lovely that I can not stop loving you! I L.O.V.E. YOU!

I’m so sorry I can’t be with you more lately… I miss you too much! I hope to come back so soon!

Please, if there is some warrior out there who feel badly, lonely, sad or mad because of this dates or whatever, forget about the reality you think you live. No matter how many calls you receive tonight, how many people are around you, how far you are from wherever or whoever you want to be, how bad 2011 has been for you or how impossible seems what you want to get in 2012 because LOVE CAN EVERYTHING and at least one person, loves you from the bottom of the heart.

Thank you once again for fighting every single day, and letting me see how beautiful the world is with you on it!

Meet you soon, and hope to get our dreams together in 2012.

Have a special and magical night, and a very Merry Christmas!


Paytem Jane

P.S: Have you been good this year? I hope you were not! Anyways you deserve the best! Hope Santa knows it!”

Source: Paytem Jane Official FanClub

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