Monday, August 13, 2012

Paytem Jane's blog: Take That!

Look what I found!

I’ve got an exclusive picture for my real first post.

When I was 9, one of my best friends was an obsessed fan of the music group “Take That”. She was especially in love with Mark Owen. If I have to be honest, I loved their music but the guys were just not my style. Anyway, I used to tell her “don’t worry, someday I will be a singer and I will be working in the same studios, giving tours in the same places, etc. I will give you all the information ;) ”.

I have spent the last week in the acoustic studio trying out guitars and looking through old folders. As you all know, I can’t be quiet, therefore I would like to share with you my discovery. I found an old photo of Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and a half of Jason Orange never seen before!
(Thanks Gillie for taking an image of the picture for me)

Unfortunately, Mark Owen is now married and is an amazing daddy, but I’m finally working in their studio as I told you, Barbara!

Which is your favorite song of “Take that”, warriors?

Love, Payt!

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