Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paytem Jane´s Blog: ICON PAYTEM

Exciting week this one!

After visiting showroom after showroom, like the one of the picture, the last couple of months looking for the perfect outfit for the covers and book, guess what? I decided to create everything by myself and this week we are starting to see the result! It is so emotional!

The next monday I have the most beautiful, exciting and special photoshoot of my entire life and for sure in the next days I will see the result! Can't wait to show you! To be honest I never imagined this could be possible for my debut album. I am so thankful and happy that illusion invades me!

I have to thank specially everyone of ICON PAYTEM for the wonderful work. We are actually preparing everything for the live shows and I just can promises the sketches and make-up design is simply amazing! 

What are you guys planning these days? ;)

Claws up!


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